Back On The Wagon.

Well readers its been a crazy week.
My poor computer has been reformatted and seems to be running ok so fingers crossed things are fixed now.
In some brief point forms I will run through the week that was…

* Started week 3 of the cold/flu/chest/throat/sinus infection that wouldn’t go away. Almost over it now thankfully.
* Was picked to take part in 612ABC radios Swapper program. I am a part of the Trim Tims (Tim Cox from the drive program) along with 12 other people. We are all trying to lose the most amount of cm’s from our waists over 12 weeks but I will go into this tomorrow night.
* I actually worked out Twitter! Yes after having an account for what seems like forever I am finally using it and getting it. Oh I am ElizabethWB if you are interested.
* Decided to go vegetarian for (at least) a week. Have been getting a lot of great information from some wonderful ladies and while I am not sure I could ever completely stop eating animal products we will certainly be cutting down and being very selective about what we eat (The Husband is more than happy with this since before me he was a vegetarian)
* I have started a daily Mount Mee photo posting. I am looking at it as a way of sharing the different views, weather, beauty and just life on the mountain. Currently its only on instagram and twitter but may possibly move it to either here or facebook depending on if people are interested.
* The chickens (well one of them) are laying daily!
* I attended the dawn service on ANZAC day on Wednesday. As always it was a moving morning, cold and beautiful.

In other news… I think I need a change, a move, something. I just dont know what.
Am feeling not at ease and not sure why. Well I lie, I know why but I dont know how to fix or change it.

So until tomorrow night….

Taken 25/04/12 Mount Mee ANZAC Day dawn service.


January Photo-a-day Challenge

I am taking part of the January photo challenge that Telle from FatMumSlim has put forward. Now I am sharing them daily on Facebook because I am taking these challenge pics on my mobile and its so easy for me to just upload them there. So what I will do is just once a week share the photos from the previous week.
If you are taking part please let me know where I can see your challenge pics and if you would like to see mine earlier or just be friends feel free to friend request me on Facebook.

Day 1 – Me

Day 2 – Breakfast

Day 3 – Something I Adore

Day 4 – Letterbox

Day 5 – Something I Wore

Day 6 – Makes Me Smile

Day 7 – Favourite

Day 8 – My Sky

Delayed Winner! But Still a Winner!

Yes I know I was saying I was going to announce the winner earlier in the week but let just say its been a slightly hectic week.

So without further delay our winner is…..

Spots are all the rage in this house at the minute. Such a cute spotty set!

YAY Kerry!
I will send you a message on FB now you can let me know which one of my photos you would like added to your prize!

Thanks to everyone, your support is greatly appreciated.

Stay tuned this weekend as I am putting the call out for some photo challenges and will be posting the results up here of course.
If you have any challenge ideas that I wouldnt need the car for let me know ๐Ÿ™‚ I need to get my photography mojo back and need an excuse to use my new speedlight ๐Ÿ™‚

Giveaway time for a little princess!

Thanks to the lovely Jeanette of TwinsFromOz we have another giveaway this month!

This time it’s just perfect for a baby girl… spotty, pretty and pink. However I wont discriminate and if you do want it for a boy that’s perfectly fine as well!
I just know that this is super cute and am sure you will love it.

Our lovely model today is the young 23year old Bedtime Bear who is yes very cute but doesn’t really have the head for bonnets!

The prize I am very sorry to say is not my carebear but it is the very pretty spotty bonnet and bib!
There will also be one of my photos up for grabs of your own choice.

Now also if we get 20 entries this time I will be including a second prize again.

So all you need to do is comment on this entry and for extra entries just share on facebook or twitter or even on your own blog!
Make sure you let me know that you have shared this so I know to add extra entries for you.

Oh and while we are here I mentioned a little while ago that I purchased Vanilla Bean from Jeanette as well and I was meant to share a photo… Well finally I have had the chance to do that ๐Ÿ™‚

Love You
Love Me!

Snoozing for Sanity

Last week I was feeling… Off.
By Friday the head was killing me and ended up leaving work about lunch time and heading towards the city so that I could pick The Husband up after he finished work (and have a snooze on the beds)
Before going to his work though I decided that I needed fresh air, sun shine and just some calm… So I stopped off at New Farm park for a bit.
It really is lovely there, lots of people around but not in the annoying way and I actually fell asleep for about 30mins or so between the roses. When I woke up other than feeling like a bit of a dick, my head ache had finally gone and I was feeling wonderfully relaxed.
Decided I should make the most of my time there as well so I grabbed the camera out of the car and went for a short wander…
This is what I managed to capture.

I think that it was a very worthwhile afternoon for both my health, sanity and photos.

Day 8 is a bad bad habit

So I didnt know what habit to do as my bad habit since to be honestย I do have a fair few. A visit to OfficeWorks made me decide on which bad habit I would pick. I promise that I was only going there to check out the prices of printers, ink etc for a business idea that I have and that I didnt mean to buy things, but in my defence it was only about $20 worth and I needed all of it, especially the camera cleaner!

Because I am freezing and want to curl back up under my blanket here is my next challenge photo.

Day 8 – A Bad Habit

Day 3: Clouds on a Cloudless day!

So wake up this morning and what do you know… perfect blue sky and not a cloud in it! Of course it was like that because today I needed to get a photo of clouds. I though maybe some might roll in tonight and I could get some cloud/moon shots but of course not (oh and there was no moon either)
So this is my night shot where I was thinking I could find a cloud.
Let me see who can see the constellation I have managed to capture…

So back on the cloud hunt…
I did get a very dodgy one on the way to get some dinner after work through the windscreen at the speck of clouds that we did have.

However in an attempt to create some clouds to make up with the poor display today I gathered the sick and dying man flu husband to assist me. So without further delay let me present my challenge photo.

Day 3 – Clouds

How are the other challenge photographers going?