Week 1 of 52

I decided that I will post at least every Sunday with some photos of the previous weeks mail and keep everyone updated on whats going on.
So as I lay here shivering in bed here are the last 3 days worth of mail (not including today because technically Sunday is the start of a new week)

Tonight as I write this there are now 85 people signed up to receive mail from me!
That’s just insane right?
I wasnt expecting to get so many people so quickly and at best hoped for 30 to start me off but having almost 3 months worth of names already gives me the motivation to do this 🙂

There are people from all over Australia who have signed up, 1 from England and 1 from the US but am more than happy to have more people from OS join in. Also have a few kidlets to write to as well as someones husband which well I wasnt expecting men to sign up (I don’t know why not but it just never occurred to me)

Of the first 3 people, 1 was someone I know, 1 was a kidlet and the 3rd signed up as a friend of a friend so I didn’t know her. With a tiny bit of Facebook hunting (I promise I am not stalking people) I managed to see who she was and hopefully write something nice to her.

Now its past my bed time so until next week…


First real photoshoot…

To say I was excited and scared about this was an understatement!

My first shoot was for a friends little girl and I am so happy with how the shots turned out. They actually give me hope that I could do more with my passion. Time will tell.

Such a gorgeous little girl made taking these shots so easy.

January Photo a Day Challenge (a bit late)

I didnt get around to putting last weeks photos up so get ready for an overload today. They have been going up on facebook each day however so challenge has been met!

Day 8 – My Sky

Day 9 – Daily Routine

Day 10 – Childhood

Day 11 – Where I sleep

Day 12 – Close Up

Day 13 – Inside my bag

Day 14 – What I am reading

Day 15 – Happiness

Day 16 – Morning

Day 17 – Water

Day 18 – Something I bought

Day 19 – Sweet

Day 20 – Someone I love

January Photo-a-day Challenge

I am taking part of the January photo challenge that Telle from FatMumSlim has put forward. Now I am sharing them daily on Facebook because I am taking these challenge pics on my mobile and its so easy for me to just upload them there. So what I will do is just once a week share the photos from the previous week.
If you are taking part please let me know where I can see your challenge pics and if you would like to see mine earlier or just be friends feel free to friend request me on Facebook.

Day 1 – Me

Day 2 – Breakfast

Day 3 – Something I Adore

Day 4 – Letterbox

Day 5 – Something I Wore

Day 6 – Makes Me Smile

Day 7 – Favourite

Day 8 – My Sky

YAY YAY YAY We have winners!

So the boys are both asleep so I have had to have the internets help me with the draw…

First prize goes to…

Submitted on 2011/09/07 at 9:21 pm
Such cute little ruffle pants! I’m a fan of the soft toys too!

Second price is going to…

Submitted on 2011/09/08 at 8:38 am
Such lovely things! I love all the bright colours… how cute are those elephants!


Congratulations to our winners and will need to get your address details and your photo choices!
(expect an email soon)

I wish I could have had a prize for everyone.

Have been very excited about this comp and hope that I can bring you all another one soon (should probably sell some of my photos before giving more away)

A Few Catch Up Shots…

So after my big story which really was a bit dull…
Here are some of the things in photo form 🙂

My simple little market stall.  

My first adventure with the car all on my own and of course it was so I could go and take photos… 🙂

And there was a night out with yummy food and good company as well in the lead up to my wonderful friend Jade’s wedding next month.

There will be more to come soon especially now that the battery has been charged.

A day alone.

So while getting through a tonne of movies, drinking gin and tonics (new fav drink of choice) and having cuddles with the boys I have done a few productive things.

I havent picked up a paintbrush or a tube of paint in so long and today I realised that my giant pin board needed some colour. Its not my best work by far but its better than the dreary cork colour that it was thats for sure.

Will fit in wonderfully in my craft room.

Speaking of craft room I have finally been putting some things on the walls. Picked up some wonderful cheap artwork from Loot, a friend got me a wall vinyl from a cheap store a while ago and also managed to hang the photo frame I was given for my birthday.

I really need to start hunting around for some second hand storage of shelves and other units for the room. Really want something to run along below the window.

While pottering around the craft room I managed to find some of my origami paper and even remembered how to fold a crane.
I have an idea of making a crane mobile to hang from the hooks that are already in the ceiling of the room.

As the sun started to set it was a lovely time to be sitting outside with my drink. Would have only been better if The Husband had been with me.

Will be back soon (OMG yes that will be 4 posts in the one day I must be sick or you will be sick of me)
Have an idea to try and get to know who reads my blog because I have had over 60 hits today from different places and would love to know who you all are.