Winter – The Season Of Change

Well haven’t things been crazy in the WB household!
Actually I am sure that I say that every time that I make a new post after some time away…
So what as been going on?
Well for starters I am writing this on my new iPad on a train to work in the city. Yes I have a new job!
Am half way through week 2 now and am really liking it 🙂
The travel each day isn’t that bad either as it gives me some me time to read and also now catch up on my blogging.
Have to say after only a short time there ave been some strange sites on my trips to and from work but that’s for another post 🙂
So what else has been going on?
Well…. The Husband has a new job as well! He starts Monday next week and I am so very proud of him as he will be working in a bank. Yes my husband the wanker I mean banker lol
So that’s our big news events.
Oh the chickens have now all started laying YAY!

Am a bit squished on the train now so thats it for today’s post.


Rise above.

Its day 5 of the bush fires that are still burning in Victoria. I have been watching Sunrise this morning which is covering pretty much just the bush fire news. The losses of both life and property are astounding but what is more astounding is how Australia and others around the world are helping those who have been affected by this terrible tragedy.

In somewhat happier news in my own personal life, I am now employed! After just over 2 months of not having a job and not having any luck getting interviews either, yesterday I received a much anticipated phone call. What was more surprising was how impressed they were with me which has really boosted my spirits because I was very much doubting my self worth. So as of Monday I rejoin the workforce which is actually a bit scary after doing virtually nothing for so long.

Was thinking that I should share who keeps me company while I am home for so long on my own and hubby is at work. We are lucky enough to have 4 fur babies/fur brats who keep us both amused and filled with love.

So thats our little family (plus Lennox the budgie) and we all live together in our little house on top of a mountain north of Brisbane QLD. Now that I have mynew job we will start thinking about maybe leaving our little house up here and moving down into town. Not something that we would really like to do but it is the most practical thing for us at the moment.

One of those days.

Its just been one of those days today. The crafting area is now complete but I will post up photos tomorrow when I am not half asleep with the headache from hell. My mind is also stuck on the thoughts of a job interview that I had on Friday. The role would be perfect for me so I have everything crossed.

Instead of indoor photos here is one of the view from our home here on the mountain. There has been a plus side to being stuck at home for 2months I guess.

Could there be any better view to wake up to in the morning?

Could there be any better view to wake up to in the morning?