Back On The Wagon.

Well readers its been a crazy week.
My poor computer has been reformatted and seems to be running ok so fingers crossed things are fixed now.
In some brief point forms I will run through the week that was…

* Started week 3 of the cold/flu/chest/throat/sinus infection that wouldn’t go away. Almost over it now thankfully.
* Was picked to take part in 612ABC radios Swapper program. I am a part of the Trim Tims (Tim Cox from the drive program) along with 12 other people. We are all trying to lose the most amount of cm’s from our waists over 12 weeks but I will go into this tomorrow night.
* I actually worked out Twitter! Yes after having an account for what seems like forever I am finally using it and getting it. Oh I am ElizabethWB if you are interested.
* Decided to go vegetarian for (at least) a week. Have been getting a lot of great information from some wonderful ladies and while I am not sure I could ever completely stop eating animal products we will certainly be cutting down and being very selective about what we eat (The Husband is more than happy with this since before me he was a vegetarian)
* I have started a daily Mount Mee photo posting. I am looking at it as a way of sharing the different views, weather, beauty and just life on the mountain. Currently its only on instagram and twitter but may possibly move it to either here or facebook depending on if people are interested.
* The chickens (well one of them) are laying daily!
* I attended the dawn service on ANZAC day on Wednesday. As always it was a moving morning, cold and beautiful.

In other news… I think I need a change, a move, something. I just dont know what.
Am feeling not at ease and not sure why. Well I lie, I know why but I dont know how to fix or change it.

So until tomorrow night….

Taken 25/04/12 Mount Mee ANZAC Day dawn service.


And…. She is back!

After a short (long) hiatus I am back and very happy to be 🙂

There have been many things happening in our household while I have been gone but will fill in first one of my favourite things.

We have chickens! FINALLY!!!
Have only been asking to get some for years now and finally The Husband gave in (well was not really given much of a choice since I bought a coop)

We have 3 beautiful girls who moved in just over a week ago and have already started regular laying! We had 1 egg on the first day and then they started again on Thursday just gone. Friday my clever girls layed 2 eggs and then we have one more today.

I can not wait for them to be able to have some free range time on the weekends (or weekdays when The Husband is home) as they love grass and its already getting to be a pain having to pick it for them each day. Thankfully they appreciate it and they are gorgeous so I dont mind doing it.

So because I know photos are the best part I do of course have a few to share.

The Girls House

The Girls themselves!

Australorp cross (black) -Clara
Leghorn cross (white) – Nora
Rhode Island Red cross although apparently an Isa Brown cross (brown/red) – Rosie


Our first egg!

Its been a long time coming but I am so very happy that I finally have some chickens.
Now to get back to our simple living and enjoying life.


So did you miss me?