Week 2 of 52

Yes I know I am a day late with last weeks blog post. Yes I have been told butย I guess my one and only blog fan ๐Ÿ™‚ (thanks Janelle who was also the 1st of my 365)

This last week went by in a blur.
I also have a sick feeling that the letter box in our area hasn’t been checked which could be why some people may not have received their mail yet. This will be checked on with Aus Post tomorrow though.

Some big news on the letter writing front is that with a lot of help of many people I now have 97 people signed up to receive mail from me! Yes that’sย right only 3 people off the 100 mark! Ever so slightly excited about that.

Of the 11 (not counting today yet) letters that have been sent I know that 3 have made it to their destination ๐Ÿ™‚

I dont have a lot of mail photos this week as well there are only so many ways you can take a photo of letters without showing names or addresses.

So what else has been happening this week?
I climbed the Story Bridge here in Brisbane! Am still on a high about that as I didn’t think I would be able to let alone survive it. Now can not wait to do it again.
Will share a photo of this once they have been emailed through to me.

Today in my letter box I had my first Christmas card which in itself was exciting but it also contained a wonderful handwritten letter from my first mail recipient which made me both laugh and cry. It’s now hanging up on my bird photo hanger which I should really share with everyone at some point. Maybe next weeks blog ๐Ÿ™‚

Right now its time for me to finish off todays letter and get some sleep.
Thanks to those who do read and enjoy my ramble of a blog.


And she is back.

Had taken a short blog break but am back now… yay!

So what has been going on in our neck of the world.

New craft… Went to a card making night at my lovely neighbours house this weekend just gone. It was a good night but dont know if its a craft for me, since I was constantly worried something wasnt right lol Was using tools and things I had never seen before but I am happy with what I made and I may have been a bit out of the box compared to what the others did with one of my cards.

The original design for this was a red and blue owl with some hearts and a single branch... I didnt really like the red and blue idea so went out on my own branch ๐Ÿ™‚

A sneaky look on the inside of card.

Party… 13 SLEEPS!!! Yes I am very very excited about this. Slushi machine has been booked and just have to give them a call back and let them know what flavours I want. Sister is on the cake making job and can not wait to see what she does. As of next weekend the husband and I are both on leave so the house will get a clean and also have to work on the hanging jars for the candles. Should also get the BBQ off layby at some point soon as well.

Birthday Presents… I got my present early from the husband and I was very spoilt! He gave me a canon digital SLR and I love it! Need a few lessons though but I am learning on my own slowly atm. It takes great photos and can not wait till I can do more with it. Also MIL gave me my present early as well since she is unable to come to party and not sure when we will see her for dinner. She gave me a limited edition metal Flavour Shaker which is very pretty. Need an excuse to use it now ๐Ÿ™‚

Pretty new toy.

Work… We moved to a brand spanking new office last week. Its a lovely change from being in a demountable for almost 2 years at this job, before that about another year and a half at last job. So yes a real building is a great change and its almost like working back in the city again. Its been a bit noiser than normal but thats to come from open plan offices but will get used to that again.

My desk in the new office. Really should have cleaned up for a photo but was spur of the moment while we were playing with my new camera.

Will be back shortly with another quick post.