Week 3 of 52

Week 3 passed very quickly with all letters sent and a few letting me know. We also had 2 birthday cards this last week. At least I think they were last week, days are starting to blend all into one now that we are heading into the silly season.
Once again yes I am late with my blogpost but I am nothing if not consistent.
It’s been nice to find out that I do have more followers than I thought as well.
Have been sick the last few days and the brain was being less than responsive.
I did however manage to capture some amazing shots of the storms that hit south east Queensland this last weekend. Will share my favs quickly since I am currently struggling to stay awake!

Until next week, unless I get the urge to come back early 🙂 oh I am very much due to do an easy Xmas post. Someone remind me to get onto that 🙂


Week 2 of 52

Yes I know I am a day late with last weeks blog post. Yes I have been told but I guess my one and only blog fan 🙂 (thanks Janelle who was also the 1st of my 365)

This last week went by in a blur.
I also have a sick feeling that the letter box in our area hasn’t been checked which could be why some people may not have received their mail yet. This will be checked on with Aus Post tomorrow though.

Some big news on the letter writing front is that with a lot of help of many people I now have 97 people signed up to receive mail from me! Yes that’s right only 3 people off the 100 mark! Ever so slightly excited about that.

Of the 11 (not counting today yet) letters that have been sent I know that 3 have made it to their destination 🙂

I dont have a lot of mail photos this week as well there are only so many ways you can take a photo of letters without showing names or addresses.

So what else has been happening this week?
I climbed the Story Bridge here in Brisbane! Am still on a high about that as I didn’t think I would be able to let alone survive it. Now can not wait to do it again.
Will share a photo of this once they have been emailed through to me.

Today in my letter box I had my first Christmas card which in itself was exciting but it also contained a wonderful handwritten letter from my first mail recipient which made me both laugh and cry. It’s now hanging up on my bird photo hanger which I should really share with everyone at some point. Maybe next weeks blog 🙂

Right now its time for me to finish off todays letter and get some sleep.
Thanks to those who do read and enjoy my ramble of a blog.

Week 1 of 52

I decided that I will post at least every Sunday with some photos of the previous weeks mail and keep everyone updated on whats going on.
So as I lay here shivering in bed here are the last 3 days worth of mail (not including today because technically Sunday is the start of a new week)

Tonight as I write this there are now 85 people signed up to receive mail from me!
That’s just insane right?
I wasnt expecting to get so many people so quickly and at best hoped for 30 to start me off but having almost 3 months worth of names already gives me the motivation to do this 🙂

There are people from all over Australia who have signed up, 1 from England and 1 from the US but am more than happy to have more people from OS join in. Also have a few kidlets to write to as well as someones husband which well I wasnt expecting men to sign up (I don’t know why not but it just never occurred to me)

Of the first 3 people, 1 was someone I know, 1 was a kidlet and the 3rd signed up as a friend of a friend so I didn’t know her. With a tiny bit of Facebook hunting (I promise I am not stalking people) I managed to see who she was and hopefully write something nice to her.

Now its past my bed time so until next week…

Life still chugging along

Yesterday has been the start of a big change for The Husband.
He has never felt like he could get anywhere in his work life and just settled for being a salesman (not that there is anything wrong with that at all) so kept plodding along in the hope that at one point he may end up a manager at the store he was at but after 4ish years he was still doing what he was doing as well as doing the crazy drive into the city daily until I got my licence and then he was getting the train.
It meant we had no time together since he was working 3 weekends out of the month and our days were crazy long.
For some time now I have been gently pushing him to start looking for something else or at least see what else was around.
After any many arguments, rejection letters, no responses at all and only a few interviews a small bank decided to give him a go.
To say I am proud of him is an understatement (even though he has been an arse due to the stress of starting a new job for the first time in 4 years)

So we may still have long days and while we live where we do that’s always going to happen but now he will only be working every second Saturday morning and no Sundays or Thursday nights!!!!! So excited about the no Thursday nights!!!

Just realised we will be home in DAYLIGHT all through spring summer and autumn!

I really need to work out how to get some pictures on here when using my iPad to make the posts look pretty at least 🙂

Missing Out?

Today I have been reading lots of new blogs thanks to the Social Media Secret Santa that I am taking part in (thanks again to fat mum slim )
What I have realised through these new discoveries is that I am out of the blogging loop I think. I don’t know if it’s because of where we live or the fact that most seem to have kidlets but I am going it alone it seems.
How do you go about making bloggy friends though? Yes I have friends who have blogs but I haven’t actually made any friends from blogging I don’t think.

Am I missing out of a part of the blogging community? Well I think I am in a way because there are some incredibly talented wonderful ladies out there that I would love to know.

Well that’s been my cider induced ramble for the weekend, hope you have all had a great one and that some of you don’t have to head back to work tomorrow!

My 30 before 30 – FAIL

Ok so maybe not a complete fail but was a half fail at least.
So lets recap on what the list was.
1. Lose 10kg
2. Stay at a 5 star hotel So far there has been the Sebel, Gold Coast International and on Monday for our anniversary we are staying at the Sheraton Noosa which is very exciting.
3. Get my driver’s licence
4. Buy our dream bed
5. Have a stall at local markets
6. Learn another language – This has been started and I am learning French via podcasts Well change to this one… have been learning Russian via my podcasts and can say a few words so far but its not the easiest of languages but am learning it more out of love of the country.
7. Organise my clothes This was done but now a mess again so I am working on it today while The Husband is at Soundwave
8. Visit GOMA This was a let down since the only real exhibit was the Valentino one and almost everything else was closed… We did however go to the QLD Art Gallery and the QLD Museum which made up for this
9. Go horse riding again
10. Learn to cook 10 new dishes I learnt a lot of new dishes over the time and really do love to cook.
11. Have a date night with Husband at least once a month We have been doing this pretty much weekly as we normally go to Sushi every Friday night.
12. Take a photo a day for a month This one I showed on my blog here for the month of December
13. Write a letter a month – Will be writing my first letter tomorrow
14. Re-establish vegetable garden
15. Visit an island off Brisbane
16. Go on a ghost tour
17. Dine at a fine dining restaurant Oh my goodness if you have never been to Rock Salt on the Gold Coast you are missing out. Completely amazing and we are already counting down the time before we can go back again.
18. Frame the artwork that sitting around This is almost totally done. I have 2 pieces still that need frames but they are very difficult ones to find so still hunting
19. Fill the frames that I keep buying with photos This one was done until I was given another photo frame for my birthday! However it is on the wall along with almost everything else now.
20. Find a perfect 2yr anniversary present for my husband Have found it just have not been able to buy it as yet 🙂
21. Spend more time with the local ladies Parties, craft nights and lots of fun
22. Go one month without buying unnecessary things I think I have done really well with this. January and February were very good months
23. Organise to speak to someone about my “issues”
24. Finish my sewing projects
25. Catch up with Brisbane friends more often
26. Visit family more often Does my sister count? I havent been able to spend a lot of time with everyone else but have been spending a lot of quality time with The Sister.
27. Take the boys for a walk at least once a week
28. Teach the boys one new trick each This is another one that is partly done… Thomas is almost stopped from barking when a car goes past and we think this is a freaking awesome trick
29. See a ballet in the city
30. Get a BFP

So as we can see there is a fair few that did not get completed. Life just got in the way for many of them.
Guess the ones that I didnt complete can eventually go into my 40 before 40 list 🙂

Am thinking now with the start of a new chapter of my life its time to give the blog a bit of a makeover.
So now it is time for some more chick flicks, a Gin n’ Tonic and some totally boring blog changes…
If you do read this… What do you think it needs?

Something New

Few new things have been going on around the W-B household.

New Holidays: Hubby and I are celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary in August so we have been tossing up many ideas which were going to be a trip south to visit friends and see the sights since I have not been any further south than Canberra. Well the logistics of a trip that far have not worked out with the fur children so we have made new plans. Now we will be exploring Brisbane and surrounds with a few random nights away. I have lived in Brisbane all my life (well and the Sunny Coast as well) and there are so many things I have not done and places I have not been. So on the cards is a trip to St Helena Island and a few other islands in the Bay, Ghost Tours, meal on the Kookaburra Queen and a trip down to Currumbin Sanctuary since Steve has never been there. Also planned is a night in a 5star hotel in Brisbane which I am very excited about but still do not know which restaurant we should go to for dinner that night.

New Motivation: I have mentioned in a previous blog post that I was looking for a new bracelet to help with motivation. Well readers I have found one and it’s currently on its way from Nevada, Iowa and I can not wait to have it here. So of course there is a photo, it’s not however how it will look when I get it since instead of the E I have requested it to have babies feet stamped onto it.

New Toys: We have a few new toys to buy shortly but also we already have one 🙂 Hubby and I picked up a Nintendo DSi XL along with some games including an old school Super Mario game. Now the reasoning behind this is because I spend a lot of time waiting around for hubby since he picks me up from work at around 6:30 and I finish work at 4:30. Now I could just wander around the shops spending money or hang around at work and get things done (without pay) but now I have a third option for when I am just not in the mood to read. Hubby can also use it when he is waiting around for me as well so its win win.
We also have plans for a new laptop for me which will more than likely be the Samsung N110 and also a new camera that we still need to research a lot more.

So that is what has been going on in our world lately. Throw in some illness and general boring life and that’s it.

Now readers, I have 2 questions…
1. If you are a Brisbanite or if you know Brisbane what restaurant in the CBD or surrounds would you go to for a very special romantic night?
2. What romantic things can you suggest either for the hotel stay or for other ideas for our holiday?

Will be back shortly with a new Etsy Love post as well.