Week 3 of 52

Week 3 passed very quickly with all letters sent and a few letting me know. We also had 2 birthday cards this last week. At least I think they were last week, days are starting to blend all into one now that we are heading into the silly season.
Once again yes I am late with my blogpost but I am nothing if not consistent.
It’s been nice to find out that I do have more followers than I thought as well.
Have been sick the last few days and the brain was being less than responsive.
I did however manage to capture some amazing shots of the storms that hit south east Queensland this last weekend. Will share my favs quickly since I am currently struggling to stay awake!

Until next week, unless I get the urge to come back early 🙂 oh I am very much due to do an easy Xmas post. Someone remind me to get onto that 🙂


Bloggy Loves

To celebrate my blog views hitting the 5000 mark (yay) I decided yesterday to do a post celebrating the blogs that I love and am inspired by on an almost daily basis.

I have been blogging for a very long time and it initially started with a livejournal account many moons ago (which is still active and I read through sometimes) but the world of blogs didn’t open up to me until a few years ago and I was in love with the words and photos from around the world from other real people. I was inspired and in awe of so many people and loved to have a small peek into the lives that they live which can be so similar yet so different to my own.

Its difficult knowing where to start since I have so many but I guess will just start at the top of my favourites list…

Simple Living Blogs:
Happily Simple
Down To Earth
A Modern Girls Life
Heather At Home in the Townships
Vintage Songbird
Aspiring Homemaker

Craft Blogs:
Meet Me At Mikes
One Flew Over
The Quilted Fish

Food Blogs:
Mel’s Kitchen Cafe
Smitten Kitchen
Soy Far Soy Good
Nothing But An Apron

Home Decorating Blogs:
A Beach Cottage
Thrifty Decor Chick
My Scandinavian Retreat
The Organised Housewife

Last but not least are the blogs that my friends have:

Emerald City Girl
It’s Days Like These
This Beautiful Mess
Living a Truly Blessed Life
Made By Auntie Bee

Now this is just a very small number of the blogs that I do read. There are many more on my friends list but I was not certain how some of them would like me sharing their blogs.
Am more than happy to add more blogs to my list so if you do have a great blog you would like to share please let me know 🙂

I am so proud that I have had 5000 views on my little blog and hope that I have many more because I love to share our simple little life with others.
Happy Blogging Everyone!

Blogs Blogs Blogs

It seems nowadays that every man and his dog has a blog (even the organisation I work for has a blog) and there are more blog types than you can poke a stick at.
I have been thinking that I dont know what my blog is. Yes I have another blog that is used for a totally different purpose and that I do not relate to this one but what is this one?
Back in the days I used to have a livejournal (actually it is still active) which I used constantly much like a diary and it hold so many things about me and my history.
Why do people have blogs? Is it really just a place to write things down and show things or is it that they now hope that it may bring them some fame?

I guess once again I have a useless post about my own brain farts and splutters.
Lets see pretty things instead lol
Am having a hand obsession tonight.

A very good place to start…

Over the years I have read many a blog, and over that time I have found some amazing ones that I truely admire and love to read still now.
I am hopeing that I can have a blog that is read by many and brings something that helps others learn about something outside of their own little bubble. I am not a writer, a photographer or anyone special, I am just a real person living a real life full of ups and downs and many struggles. A person who tells it like it is, loves many things and sees the beauty in small things.

So this blog will not have a “theme” as such but it will be able life, about the real world that people live and about the simple way because with the current economic downturn life will be getting a tad more difficult for many others.