Life still chugging along

Yesterday has been the start of a big change for The Husband.
He has never felt like he could get anywhere in his work life and just settled for being a salesman (not that there is anything wrong with that at all) so kept plodding along in the hope that at one point he may end up a manager at the store he was at but after 4ish years he was still doing what he was doing as well as doing the crazy drive into the city daily until I got my licence and then he was getting the train.
It meant we had no time together since he was working 3 weekends out of the month and our days were crazy long.
For some time now I have been gently pushing him to start looking for something else or at least see what else was around.
After any many arguments, rejection letters, no responses at all and only a few interviews a small bank decided to give him a go.
To say I am proud of him is an understatement (even though he has been an arse due to the stress of starting a new job for the first time in 4 years)

So we may still have long days and while we live where we do that’s always going to happen but now he will only be working every second Saturday morning and no Sundays or Thursday nights!!!!! So excited about the no Thursday nights!!!

Just realised we will be home in DAYLIGHT all through spring summer and autumn!

I really need to work out how to get some pictures on here when using my iPad to make the posts look pretty at least 🙂