Week 3 of 52

Week 3 passed very quickly with all letters sent and a few letting me know. We also had 2 birthday cards this last week. At least I think they were last week, days are starting to blend all into one now that we are heading into the silly season.
Once again yes I am late with my blogpost but I am nothing if not consistent.
It’s been nice to find out that I do have more followers than I thought as well.
Have been sick the last few days and the brain was being less than responsive.
I did however manage to capture some amazing shots of the storms that hit south east Queensland this last weekend. Will share my favs quickly since I am currently struggling to stay awake!

Until next week, unless I get the urge to come back early 🙂 oh I am very much due to do an easy Xmas post. Someone remind me to get onto that 🙂


Week 2 of 52

Yes I know I am a day late with last weeks blog post. Yes I have been told but I guess my one and only blog fan 🙂 (thanks Janelle who was also the 1st of my 365)

This last week went by in a blur.
I also have a sick feeling that the letter box in our area hasn’t been checked which could be why some people may not have received their mail yet. This will be checked on with Aus Post tomorrow though.

Some big news on the letter writing front is that with a lot of help of many people I now have 97 people signed up to receive mail from me! Yes that’s right only 3 people off the 100 mark! Ever so slightly excited about that.

Of the 11 (not counting today yet) letters that have been sent I know that 3 have made it to their destination 🙂

I dont have a lot of mail photos this week as well there are only so many ways you can take a photo of letters without showing names or addresses.

So what else has been happening this week?
I climbed the Story Bridge here in Brisbane! Am still on a high about that as I didn’t think I would be able to let alone survive it. Now can not wait to do it again.
Will share a photo of this once they have been emailed through to me.

Today in my letter box I had my first Christmas card which in itself was exciting but it also contained a wonderful handwritten letter from my first mail recipient which made me both laugh and cry. It’s now hanging up on my bird photo hanger which I should really share with everyone at some point. Maybe next weeks blog 🙂

Right now its time for me to finish off todays letter and get some sleep.
Thanks to those who do read and enjoy my ramble of a blog.

Week 1 of 52

I decided that I will post at least every Sunday with some photos of the previous weeks mail and keep everyone updated on whats going on.
So as I lay here shivering in bed here are the last 3 days worth of mail (not including today because technically Sunday is the start of a new week)

Tonight as I write this there are now 85 people signed up to receive mail from me!
That’s just insane right?
I wasnt expecting to get so many people so quickly and at best hoped for 30 to start me off but having almost 3 months worth of names already gives me the motivation to do this 🙂

There are people from all over Australia who have signed up, 1 from England and 1 from the US but am more than happy to have more people from OS join in. Also have a few kidlets to write to as well as someones husband which well I wasnt expecting men to sign up (I don’t know why not but it just never occurred to me)

Of the first 3 people, 1 was someone I know, 1 was a kidlet and the 3rd signed up as a friend of a friend so I didn’t know her. With a tiny bit of Facebook hunting (I promise I am not stalking people) I managed to see who she was and hopefully write something nice to her.

Now its past my bed time so until next week…

And…. She is back!

After a short (long) hiatus I am back and very happy to be 🙂

There have been many things happening in our household while I have been gone but will fill in first one of my favourite things.

We have chickens! FINALLY!!!
Have only been asking to get some for years now and finally The Husband gave in (well was not really given much of a choice since I bought a coop)

We have 3 beautiful girls who moved in just over a week ago and have already started regular laying! We had 1 egg on the first day and then they started again on Thursday just gone. Friday my clever girls layed 2 eggs and then we have one more today.

I can not wait for them to be able to have some free range time on the weekends (or weekdays when The Husband is home) as they love grass and its already getting to be a pain having to pick it for them each day. Thankfully they appreciate it and they are gorgeous so I dont mind doing it.

So because I know photos are the best part I do of course have a few to share.

The Girls House

The Girls themselves!

Australorp cross (black) -Clara
Leghorn cross (white) – Nora
Rhode Island Red cross although apparently an Isa Brown cross (brown/red) – Rosie


Our first egg!

Its been a long time coming but I am so very happy that I finally have some chickens.
Now to get back to our simple living and enjoying life.


So did you miss me?