One of those weeks…

You know those weeks when nothing really goes right?

I started the week with back pain to rival any I have had before. Thankfully I have found a wonderful person on the mountain who did a great massage for me this alleviated slightly.

Last Saturday I was attacked by sandflies… thought I got away without having any bites (which was an insane thought since I was covered in the stupid things) wake up on Tuesday morning COVERED in bites! Then I don’t just get little itchy bites but nice big allergy things which saw me covered in creams and cold tea (don’t ask but it works)

Friday just gone saw me come down with a lovely throat infection. Thankfully I already was seeing my doctor for a lady visit (which actually everyone when did you last have your pap smear?) because I wouldn’t have been able to get in to see her otherwise. So I got to leave there with antibiotics and low self-esteem after doctors terrible bedside manner.

Then today… for the first time in ages I was going to brave the laundry under the house and put on a load etc (normally The Husband does this) so 5 steps from the bottom I go for a massive slide and end up in a scream pile on the ground. Now I can’t stay as a screaming pile on the ground because well that’s the same area where we have red belly black snakes live! So I have to try and drag my screaming pile of self into the laundry where I continue screaming (while being watched with shock looks by my cats)
After all that though the clothes did go into the wash and I managed to drag my sorry arse back up the front stairs.

Oh and lets not forget the 2 bouts of gastro I had in a week and a half before this last week (that was so so much fun!)


You know what though… it could have been worse.
Yes I am laying here in a great deal of pain from head to toe (must take some more tablets soon) but I am laying here and alive.
I may have had a crappy few weeks but well they are over and I have made it through.

I thought the most appropriate photos I have for this post is my Thistle shot. Something that can cause much pain is still a good thing.

Still have so many things to catch people up on from my break but they will have to wait for another time.


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