From old to new.

When The Husband and I moved in together he brought some family furniture that for many years now has just been sitting unused as although they were lovely pieces the stain colour of the wood was well ick.

So this is what we had to work with…

There was a lot of sanding and re-sanding, then trying to work out how to remove the handles since they were not screwed in (hack saw worked)
Many coats of paint and a lot of self doubt later about my colour choices, painting skills and overall outcome and this what we have…

Still needs some touch ups done and finally have all the new knobs on now after loosing 4 of the 8 that I bought but we are happy with the outcome.
My teacups look great on it as well 🙂

Now to fill it with more of my favourite things.

Have you had any projects you have been working on?


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