Etsy Love: Love

Its been far to long since I have shared some etsy love so what better reason than Valentines day which is happening fairly soon.
Honestly I am not for the usual over priced crap and uninspired cards that profit large unloving corporations, but since I love etsy and it will support individuals I am all for it.

Simple and sweet and not to pricey either.

It may be tiny, but its a tiny handmade penguin with a heart... how could you not love it?

I ❤ Ewe. I know so many people that would love this.

Another sweet and simple gift option.

And last but not least this would be perfect for me *hint*

So clever and so perfect for well.. me and several people that I know 🙂


So what are you planning on getting the one you love this V. day? Hang on screw that… what do you plan on getting yourself???


One thought on “Etsy Love: Love

  1. Cute! I really like the keychain and card! Must get some treats for my husband. Although we’re not big Valentines day people. Still its nice:)

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