Lets Get Writing – Real Letters!

I had an idea earlier today that has been floating around in my head for quite some time now.
Many people seem to be losing the ability to write real letters, you know the things that were around before computers, the internet and mobile phones?
Personally I love stationery and presently I have a lot of it but just have no special need to write to anyone (not that that should be an excuse right)
Also a lot of people I have seen say online that they would like to make more friends and get to know more people, so what better way!

So the plan is this…
* Comment to let us know you are interested
* In the email include the info that I will list below
* I will match people up depending on how many people you would like to write to (yes you can write to more than one person if you wish)
* You then promise that you will have your first letter out within say 2 weeks? If we think this is too soon let me know
* This will be an ongoing list of people so if you are not “clicking” with the person you write to please don’t just drop out, let me know and I can repartner up.

Now don’t go thinking that 2 weeks is too short to send a letter, don’t be like that! You can just send a card to start with sharing a small intro about yourself, or you can go all out and write a crazy long letter if your heart desires.
Also there are already a few people from outside of Australia who are keen to join in so there will be a great diversity of people I hope.

So what do I want you to send through to sign up…
* Name
* Address
* Blog address if you have one
* 5 things that interest you (don’t worry if you can’t list 5)
* How many people you would like to write to (you are more than welcome to say one or more it’s up to you)

Please feel free to share this around, and also if you are of the creative persuasion let me know because I will be looking for an image to be created that you can share on your blog if you like.

I will see how we go with numbers before I say when I will hand out the matches.
Can not wait!!!


6 thoughts on “Lets Get Writing – Real Letters!

  1. I think this is such a wonderful idea. I love receiving letters & postcards – I just need to get a bit more proactive about sending them 😉

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