Just For Something New

I am sick yet again. Am sure this is the fourth time I have had this in 6 months and I now just feel like I am falling apart. So as I sit here at doctors waiting to spend more money and miss more work I thought I should at least have my brain do a small amount of work and write a blog post.
I need the distraction as well because each time I get sick now my anxiety gets worse (who am I kidding it’s getting bad without even being sick) and lucky me this time I thought I caught it early last weekend and saw the doctor, got drugs, all good right? Wrong! The antibiotics ended up giving me oral thrush (so the Inner Health Plus half worked) meaning now I can barely talk (well that’s good for everyone else) barely eat (well that’s good for the diet) and once again have the blasted cold/flu. If I was one of my landlords cows I would have been shot by now.
Now I have a massive case of the guilts because I am sick and doubt I will be able to get into work and even if I could my boss is undergoing chemo and not only would the cold/flu be bad but oral thrush can lead to meningitis in cancer patients.
I just want to be well, I want to not have to worry about being sick (my psychologist would be very disappointed in me right now) and I want be actually be able to enjoy life.
Gosh enjoy life, that’s something I haven’t done in a long while, well something I haven’t been able to let myself do in a long while.
Ok so almost appointment time now so enjoy the view…


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