Missing Out?

Today I have been reading lots of new blogs thanks to the Social Media Secret Santa that I am taking part in (thanks again to fat mum slim )
What I have realised through these new discoveries is that I am out of the blogging loop I think. I don’t know if it’s because of where we live or the fact that most seem to have kidlets but I am going it alone it seems.
How do you go about making bloggy friends though? Yes I have friends who have blogs but I haven’t actually made any friends from blogging I don’t think.

Am I missing out of a part of the blogging community? Well I think I am in a way because there are some incredibly talented wonderful ladies out there that I would love to know.

Well that’s been my cider induced ramble for the weekend, hope you have all had a great one and that some of you don’t have to head back to work tomorrow!


One thought on “Missing Out?

  1. I have found you via the secret santa. checking out a few blogs. don’t worry I feel like lots of other bloggers know me, but there are big groups of friends. yes I think a few do live near each other but I think for the most part some of them were already friends. Don’t feel so bad.
    Have you joined digital parents? and no I don’t think you have to be a parent to join. just join in anyway. I’ll be your friend. have fun with the secret santa. it’s so hard to think what is the perfect gift!

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