Snoozing for Sanity

Last week I was feeling… Off.
By Friday the head was killing me and ended up leaving work about lunch time and heading towards the city so that I could pick The Husband up after he finished work (and have a snooze on the beds)
Before going to his work though I decided that I needed fresh air, sun shine and just some calm… So I stopped off at New Farm park for a bit.
It really is lovely there, lots of people around but not in the annoying way and I actually fell asleep for about 30mins or so between the roses. When I woke up other than feeling like a bit of a dick, my head ache had finally gone and I was feeling wonderfully relaxed.
Decided I should make the most of my time there as well so I grabbed the camera out of the car and went for a short wander…
This is what I managed to capture.

I think that it was a very worthwhile afternoon for both my health, sanity and photos.


One thought on “Snoozing for Sanity

  1. How lovely to have a sleep in the sunshine
    I miss jacarandas – we used to have a beautiful one in Perth but they don’t do so well down here
    Thank you for the award

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