Giveaway and Promotion Time!

Yesterday was market day but to say it was dead was an understatement… well for me anyways. Seems that fathers day isnt the best day to be having your stall at a country market.
I did have a great day though and was able to enjoy it more than I did the last one since I was also feeling much better.
Last month I fell in absolute love with a softie called Vanilla Bean that was made by the lovely Jeanette. On Sunday Vanilla Bean was there again and I knew that I just had to have her (yes I am a grown woman that wants a softie!) Thankfully at the end of the day she was still there waiting for me lol

During the day though I had a chance to check out Jeanettes stall and she has some wonderful things at great prices! So we got chatting a bit and I offered to take some shots and do a bit of a promo on here for her as she has a madeit store.
TwinsFromOz is a completely adorable store filled with handmade goodness! The clothes are incredibly well made with gorgeous fabrics, and the toys and other goodies are the sweetest.

Now the lovely Jeanette has been kind enough to give me a few items and some discounts so that I can share them with my loyal readers.
We have as a prize some baby booties, a beanie and also a pram toy (which is totally cute) and I will be giving away a print of your choice from my store.
If we have enough interest I will add a second print as another prize (ohhh thats exciting right?)

Make sure you share this with your friends and the more ways you share the more entries you will get.
Dont forget to comment and let me know how you have shared this 🙂

Good luck all and dont forget as well to check out Jeanettes store! Nothing bad comes out of Mount Mee!


15 thoughts on “Giveaway and Promotion Time!

  1. Sorry the market was a bit dead, hopefully the next one will be better!

    Love the art smock, that has given me an idea for christmas actually

  2. Liz, apsolutely beautiful pictures you have there.
    I’m glad your better and enjoyed the market, even though it was quiet xxx

  3. Liz, you have such a developing talent for photography, I am so happy to see you following this path. Vanilla Bean is gorgeous. Closer to Christmas I will be checking out the madeit site. Love the overalls!

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