Where’s She Been?

Well where haven’t I been?
I feel like time has stopped but also passed me by over the last almost 2 months.
Really I have no excuse for July other than the fact that I was super busy because I decided I was going to attend my first markets with my photos. So lots of printing and playing settings etc to get the photos looking perfect.
It was after this where things started to head south.
I ended up getting what we thought was a cold. Feeling miserable and sorry for myself, I worked through some of it but then just had to stop and try to rest.
3 days worth of fevers and getting sicker quicker than expected, even with the resting.
One night during this I have woken with stomach pains and urgent need for the loo… this is where it starts.
By the time I have gotten to the loo I knew something was wrong and after screaming out to The Husband the next thing I know is that I am on the floor. Ambulance was called and I am whisked away to the ER. Severely dehydrated I am left waiting for fluids for several hours after my veins collapsed the first time. As they are taking bloods and putting in a new bag I start to freak out saying that something isn’t right.
This is when I had a seizure.
This has been the scariest of things to happen to me because I had no control whatsoever and didn’t even know what was going on. Waking up to 9 doctors and nurses in the tiny little room with me and I can’t see The Husband anywhere leads to more freaking out from me while a doctor holds me and explains what happened.
After this they get the fluids in quick smart.
Given lots of checks and apparently I am normal and fine but sent home with the instructions to hydrate and eat some food (since I hadn’t done much of either) Doctors say that the combination of my diet of no sugar/carbs at all and getting dehydrated is what lead to the seizure.
Home again and chugging down the hydralyte I decide that I will still be fine for the markets (this is Friday lunch sent home, markets are on Sunday)
Well… Sunday evening I am back in another ambulance and once again on the fluids. For some reason the heart isn’t doing so well either.
More blood tests and 3 more bags of fluid and they send me home under instructions to drink drink drink (which I was) and also to see my doctor and organise some more tests.

As we can imagine that as an anxious person at the best of time, I have been a mess of late. Sleep has been terrible and I have had a constant worry about it happening again.

It hasn’t all been bad though.
I managed to get my licence!!! I do think he just felt sorry for me but I have it and I don’t know why I put it off for so long.
I have found an amazing new doctor! She is brilliant and I have complete faith in her. She is also organising for me to see the on site psychologist in regards to my PTS and anxiety.
I have sold 4 of my photos. My sister bought the first one, there was one sold via Facebook and at the markets I sold 2 of my reject shots to my landlords!
Yesterday The Husband and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. Well celebrated wouldn’t be the word really since I was at home and he was at work but we will be celebrating this weekend.

So that’s whats been going on.
I know no photos in this post but I must get some things done and then I will be back with a few shots from the last few months.


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