Exploring the local.

Yay The Husband has a weekend off, and we are making the most of it!

There have been a few things on our list of to do this weekend…
* Pick up the $40 worth of security deposit from the gym as I have cancelled (and they said that a deposit was non refundable… my fat arse its not)
* Go to the dump
* Get Bubble Tea from Northlakes (actually had 2 eeek)
* Try out the new BBQ place at Dayboro
So it was only a small list of must do’s today but it eventuated into a great day out.

Only photos that came about were from when we were at Dayboro. Everything before Dayboro was a big success but then our adventure in Dayboro was even better. We always stop in there at the bakery or the bookstore/cafe or the butcher but we dont tend to have a walk around and look at things. Last week in the letter box we got a flyer for 3B Genuine BBQ and The Husband got excited. Three brothers have set up shop on the main road (near the bakery) and serve up pulled pork and beef rolls and also BBQ ribs that The Husband drools over on all the American food shows on Foxtel.
Have to say… if you are heading through Dayboro on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon (12 till 6:30ish) make sure you stop in and have a taste and I promise you wont be disapointed!

After our yummy lunch we crossed the road to the arts and crafts building which was filled with so many pretties that it would have been a crime for me not to buy anything! So a very cute apron has come home with us to try and make me a bit more of a domestic goddess (think I need more than an apron)

Since we were wandering we decided to walk up the street (at first so I could get some drugs at the chemist but they were closed which was poo) to check out some of the stores we normally just drive past and then decided to grab a drink at the Crown Hotel which honestly I wont bother going back to since the woman behind the bar couldnt have been more cranky and offputting if she tried. I love country pubs normally but really this one needs a lot of work to just fix it a bit, however its popular with the bike riders so must do something right.

Back on the road to home we took the chance to pull in at The Pitstop which is a cafe/shed that has recently opened at Ocean view and OMG we thought the view at our place was good but check this out…

With that view we honestly didnt care what the food or drink was going to be like but we were again surprised with yummy sweet goodness and the pretty tea cup made up for bag tea (omg I am a tea snob)

After our warm drinks and yummy food we again headed for home but I made The Husband stop one more time. there is a dairy on the road to our house and each morning I have seen the poddy calves in the yard near the road and I have just wanted to get out and have pats since they remind me of uni days.
Honestly though… who can not love a poddy?

Little one who was game enough to come over for a pat decided to do the one thing I love the most from poddy’s…

Yes thats right she sucked on my finger for a moment before realising that it was not going to magically give her any milk lol Yes I am strange!

So that was our Saturday which has been a great start to the weekend (muchly needed since currently going through EOFY at work which is causing brain meltdown) Bring on more adventures tomorrow!


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