Not doing so good…

With my blog, photos or life right now.

Feel like I am floundering right now and falling behind and failing in general (that’s a lot of F words)
Work is just crazy right now with end of financial year creeping up on me and I truely do not want to fail at this.
Weight loss is not happening as quickly as I would want it to and yes I am losing cm’s but not weight, and well my lovely always nice and caring (snort) specialist will not even care about. I just feel like I am never going to get to where I need to be.
Called lawyer again today and honestly if I didn’t contact him nothing would ever get done, also he better not be charging me each time I call as he should be paying me to get his friggen arse into gear.

I am doing well at hiding how down I am about things right now and doing this means I have no energy for much else and I hate this as I have so many big plans (which I know I promised to share but not yet)

Some positives though…
* Boot camp is going great. We are meant to be going 3 nights a week now but a yet I have only done 2 because other things keep getting in the way. This week I miss Thursday night because The Husband is going to a concert in the city and he will miss the support act if I go to boot camp (honestly what is more important???)
* I have some great friends that I love and don’t know what I would do without. Just wish I could share what I am really going through with them but I have vowed to be more positive on the outside even if I am cracking from within.
* I am down almost 2 sizes in my jeans! And also dropped 2 sizes in my undies (yes you needed to know that) thanks to a hell of a lot of hard work.
* Am going to start discussing fostering again with The Husband.

So this is whats been going on in my life and why I have fallen behind in my photos and my blog in general.
I love all the wonderful comments that I have been getting and truely adore all my new followers as you bring me such great joy when I see another comment from one of you 🙂


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