Sunday Love Fest

I love candles.
I love lots of candles.
In winter or just rainy nights I love having lots of candles lit as it makes the house feel more cosy and warm even though really it is freezing.
We have many different types of candles around but the one that litters the house are just plain old tea lights that I buy in bulk when we get to Ikea. Of course I have a tonne of other kinds as well and the second favourites are well anything from Dusk and beside the bed there are 2 beautiful small pillar lavender candles that are just divine.

Last night I decided to light my beautiful candle holder that I have hanging in our lounge room and also popped a few on the shelf that I put in (OMG yes I put the shelf up and yes its not straight but thats another story)
I love the light that glows from my candles and the romance it brings to our life.

Remember to post your Sunday Love posts up today. Get the love back into your blog if its been a bit neglected of late. Photos not required but of course they are loved 🙂
Make you let me know your Sunday Love post is up!


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