Day 12 did not shine through

Todays challenge photo was meant to be a sunset.
Well once again the sky/weather/gods failed me and after being a rainy cold cloudy day the sky was not plaing along.
I did get a pic and after a small amount of tweeking it looks somewhat ok but I am far from happy with it.

Day 12 – Sunset


Tomorrows challenge photo I already have in my head and tomorrow I might share some of my plans for what I am going to maybe do with my photos. Will need your opinions though so stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Day 12 did not shine through

  1. I know the feeling, Liz. At least you got some sun peeking through! There wasn’t any sun here… just rain and a solid mass of gray clouds. :-\

    I like your photo, though! I love seeing the rolling hills and trees along the skyline. Reminds me of California…

  2. I think clouds make some of the most beautiful sunsets! I live on the beach and a day with clear skies equals a boring-ish sunset. But stick some clouds up there and the colors explode! I think you did a great job!

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