Day 11 was anything but Blue

Once again I am updating late but I did take the photos yesterday.
The day had been spent with some wonderful friends having brunch and catching up since we hadnt seen each other in a very long time. Was also spent with lots of baby cuddles and my fav moment was holding a sleepy Charlie while she snuggled into me and rubbed my arm as she fell asleep.
One day I will have that for myself.

So my blue photo was difficult to decide on. At first I didnt know what I had that was blue but the more I looked the more I saw blue things popping up everywhere. My budgie Mia as a possible one but she was giving me the evil eye, my blanket I am making was another possible one but I dont want to reveal much of that one as yet. Decision was made for something I found in the pantry 🙂

Day 11 – Something Blue


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