Day 8 is a bad bad habit

So I didnt know what habit to do as my bad habit since to be honest I do have a fair few. A visit to OfficeWorks made me decide on which bad habit I would pick. I promise that I was only going there to check out the prices of printers, ink etc for a business idea that I have and that I didnt mean to buy things, but in my defence it was only about $20 worth and I needed all of it, especially the camera cleaner!

Because I am freezing and want to curl back up under my blanket here is my next challenge photo.

Day 8 – A Bad Habit


3 thoughts on “Day 8 is a bad bad habit

  1. I don’t think we women can live without some extra shopping on the side. My theory it saves petrol so I don’t have to come back later when I go home and decide I did want it and go back! haha

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