A bit of promoting for our local area

The Husband and I dont get many weekends off together but this weekend we did!  However The Husband has man flu which is much worse than the cold/flu that I had the last week. Due to this near death experience most of the plans I had for the weekend had to be canned but we did still make it to the local markets for some breakfast and a wander (and catch up with a heap of people) before I was to be dropped at a friend’s place.

So what I am promoting is the Mount Mee Country Markets which are held in the Mount Mee hall on the first Sunday of each month (except for January normally) The hall is easy to find as its right on Mount Mee rd beside Birches Restaurant and the school. There is a tonne of parking both in the hall car park and in the big car park across the road. Just quickly here though… given that there are so so many car parks and I have never seen them full it greatly pisses me off that people still park on the grass etc because of laziness really I guess. Sorry thats out-of-the-way now though lol

So what can you find at the Mount Mee Country Markets?

Of course there is the usual crafty items that the locals make, fresh produced thats been grown in the area, general knic knacks, home-made food, then there are also the lovely ladies in the kitchen making morning tea and lunch and out on the brand spanking new deck the men folk are frying up bacon, eggs and sausages for breakfast.

First stop for us at the markets is normally up in the top right corner of this horribly dark photo. Mount Mee Coffee (yes there is a coffee farm up here and if you are in the market I believe the farm and house are up for sale) have a stand where they can make you a delicious cup of hot coffee. Right in front of the coffee you can get yourself a bunch of bananas from the lovely Anne that you wont have to sell your first-born to be able to afford!

Something you also can not go home without is some of Sylvia’s jams and pickles. We always have a supply in our fridge and I even picked up some guava jelly for a friend on the weekend as a consolation prize for missing out on Kylie.

Who doesnt like baked yummy things? Some of the school mums bake up a storm to help with fundraising for the Mount Mee Primary School. For a few dollars you can help the local community AND fill your tummy with great food which is just perfect to eat while sitting at the lookout enjoying the view.

Our final stop before heading off was a breakfast on the gorgeous big new deck that the hall committee has worked hard to build. They have even put soft pretty table clothes out, fresh cut flowers and you are eating off real plates!

So thats just a small visit to our little local markets. If you live in South East Queensland or are coming to the area make sure you pop into the markets (if your on the 1st Sunday of the month) or just go for a drive in the area if you are not here then. Its a beautiful place and I couldnt see myself living anywhere else!


3 thoughts on “A bit of promoting for our local area

  1. LOL at Steve’s “near death experience”! I must get up there one weekend, love me some home preserves.

  2. That friend really appreciates the Jelly and can’t wait to give it a try 😉 Thank you xo

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