Day 4 = Fail

Well it was a fail to have it done on that day because well I was hoping that I would get something while at Kylie but the best I could do was a dodgy shot of some green micro herbs that were on my dinner. Yes I should have taken advantage of the beautiful sunny day and done a photo earlier but I well… didn’t.

So this is the shot I am really not happy with. (Why oh Why doesnt Kylie have more green in her show?)

Now if I can cheat a little bit and get away with it I shall just put in a photo I took this afternoon.
I could have been dishonest and just not said anything BUT I am a good girl and wont lie.

Day 4 – Green

Will it make it up to people if I add another green photo???

I promise I have something better (as in taken on the day since the pic itself may not be that good) for the day 5 challenge though.


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