Oh something new… Sunday Love Fest!

Previously I have made a Sunday Love post but I have been thinking that I should do something more with that idea.
Have been thinking that it should be a regular feature here and would actually like to extend it to my blogy friends and have you join in as well. I really don’t know how to make this all work so will just see how we go but either way each Sunday I will be sharing my love.
Hopefully this will get some people back in the blog habit and what better than a lazy Sunday to do it? I know I get most my blogging done on a weekend.

Now let’s get started! Steal the picture and join in on the Sunday Love Fest.

Today I wanted to share the love I have for my favourite corner of my kitchen. It’s where I store my most loved cook books and also the area where I do my bread making. It’s away from the main cooking/washing etc areas and right near one of the doors where I can also peek out and catch glimpses of the tv as well. Sometimes I think my kitchen is to big (oh dear yes I really did just say that) but I love that I have this nice little space.

Make sure you link back so that I can see what it is you love each Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Oh something new… Sunday Love Fest!

  1. Yes you do need to start a blog! It can be about your possible move and starting a career!
    Plus all your crafty stuff as well!
    Oh and how much you love your big sister!!!!

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