Morning inspiration… in the Afternoon!

This morning I woke up after having fallen asleep on the couch with Thomas, to find the most beautiful day outside.
Without wasting a moment I was downstairs to get some photos in the morning sun and also to check out my pretty flowers that have finally popped up from the seeds I planted a few weeks ago.

Then I just did some random lying around the yard photos (thankfully no one drove past to see me looking like an idiot)

Hrmmm I think I may be boring people with to many photos lol
Have had someone recently ask me if I am going to start selling them but I honestly wouldnt think anyone would pay money for them and no way do I think they are even that good!
I just love pretty things and am so excited when a photo actually looks ok.


3 thoughts on “Morning inspiration… in the Afternoon!

  1. They look fantastic.. You should defiantly look into to selling them, everyone has to start somewhere..x

  2. I’ll never be bored by your photos Liz. Keep them coming.
    The flowers are very crisp…good job!

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