Bloggy Loves

To celebrate my blog views hitting the 5000 mark (yay) I decided yesterday to do a post celebrating the blogs that I love and am inspired by on an almost daily basis.

I have been blogging for a very long time and it initially started with a livejournal account many moons ago (which is still active and I read through sometimes) but the world of blogs didn’t open up to me until a few years ago and I was in love with the words and photos from around the world from other real people. I was inspired and in awe of so many people and loved to have a small peek into the lives that they live which can be so similar yet so different to my own.

Its difficult knowing where to start since I have so many but I guess will just start at the top of my favourites list…

Simple Living Blogs:
Happily Simple
Down To Earth
A Modern Girls Life
Heather At Home in the Townships
Vintage Songbird
Aspiring Homemaker

Craft Blogs:
Meet Me At Mikes
One Flew Over
The Quilted Fish

Food Blogs:
Mel’s Kitchen Cafe
Smitten Kitchen
Soy Far Soy Good
Nothing But An Apron

Home Decorating Blogs:
A Beach Cottage
Thrifty Decor Chick
My Scandinavian Retreat
The Organised Housewife

Last but not least are the blogs that my friends have:

Emerald City Girl
It’s Days Like These
This Beautiful Mess
Living a Truly Blessed Life
Made By Auntie Bee

Now this is just a very small number of the blogs that I do read. There are many more on my friends list but I was not certain how some of them would like me sharing their blogs.
Am more than happy to add more blogs to my list so if you do have a great blog you would like to share please let me know 🙂

I am so proud that I have had 5000 views on my little blog and hope that I have many more because I love to share our simple little life with others.
Happy Blogging Everyone!


One thought on “Bloggy Loves

  1. Yes, it feels good to know that others read your posts and that they come back. I have finally started getting back into posting again, and it feels good to do so.

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