Weekend of pretty and yummy things – Part 2

We now get onto the yummy section of the weekend.

After our trip to the markets we did a bit of pottering around with a quick trip to BigW to get some warmer clothes for the Brother in law who is working out at Toowoomba atm. The question went out about what should we have for lunch… the response was “something delicious”
Off we popped to The Villa Noosa for a great pub lunch and a few drinkies.
This is actually a really great pub and has the perfect outdoor area to enjoy your meal. Prices were great as well as they do some really good specials. Hubby had the steak special which included chips, salad and a beer (perfect he said) for around $14 and for a starter we got the oysters, $1 for natural and $1.50 for Kilpatrick

Always love popping into the Villa for a feed when up visiting the Sister and this visit did not disappoint.

We probably didn’t need to have a meal out since we had dinner reservations 🙂

After a bit of a bum around back at The Sisters house there was some crochet lessons (oh dear) and nail painting before heading out for dinner at Maisie’s. Now its been many many years since I was last at Maisie’s and it has not changed a bit. Ok well the menu has had some updates but the service is still great and the food is amazing, also love the old photos of history that are scattered around the walls.
Now I have no photos of the meal here but lets just say the boys loved their whole lobsters and The Sister and I loved our sweetlip with a lobster sauce which we had after all sharing a seafood chowder and copious amounts of wine.

Now if you do go to Maisie’s (I do think everyone should try them if in Noosa) maybe even try the hot and cold seafood platter because can honestly say we were all regretting our choices when the table beside us received their platter…. YUM
Oh and if you do go to Maisie’s make sure you go down the side alley to the loo but make sure you give way to others since you could get stuck 🙂

There was much more drinking and shenanigans to follow as the night wore on as we ended up at the Tewantin RSL where we also ran into some very old family friends who I hadn’t seen for about 2 years. It was a great night!

Next morning after a cold night on the couch (or in the car if you are my husband) we dragged ourselves to the Noosa Farmers markets for food and a browse.
OMG The sister and I had Malaysian Rottie for breakfast and was just perfect!

So I mentioned in part 1 that I bought a few bits and pieces at the Eumundi Markets and created that candle… Well here is my candle… however I am wishing I didn’t go with the design called peacock as its apparently now looking like 3 vaginas and shall forever be known as the vagina candle!

My purchase from Burlap Cottage was a super cute wooden tree that can be used for jewellery or just as something pretty 🙂

And finally The Sister and I both bought coin and note sets that were from our birth year. I also grabbed one for The Brother as well for when he may appreciate it.

So that was our weekend. The best one in a long time and already want another long one 🙂

Whats your best weekend memory?


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