Weekend of pretty and yummy things – Part 1

*WARNING* This post does contain nude bodies covered in paint *WARNING*
Its been another lovely weekend in the W-B household. However we were not in our house for most of it and much of the weekend just sort of “happened” if that makes sense.
The plans for Saturday were Eumundi Markets and then dinner out in Noosa. We did both these and some more bits and pieces but for a start I will just show our morning at the markets.
Now if you havent been to the Eumundi Markets you really really should go. Make sure though you are there early to avoid the crowds (we turned up at about 8:30 which is pushing the latter end of the scale) No matter what you are looking for you should be able to find it. Even after living in the area up there and going as often as I could, I have never grown bored of wandering around at the markets. What drew our eyes however were just a few of the below.
Knitted Trees! O.M.G. LOVED the knitted trees! Have seen something about this in a small town elsewhere but just loved the prettiness that was surprise among the beautiful big old Fig trees.

I have always wanted to try candle making and what would you know… there is a stall called Crazy Candles where you can do that! Now it did take a brief moment to convince the sister by pointing out the sign said for kids AND adults (husband said the adults part was as a supervisor but I ignored this) This was the most hilarious experience, especially once the candles started to look very penis like and looked even more sus having to use your hand to wipe off any excess water. Was great fun and our candles looked great once done (will share that later)
I fell in love with the most gorgeous stall Burlap Cottagewhich had so so many pretty things that a fair few of my friends would just adore. Their website does not show much of what they had but they are apparently working on that so keep your eyes out for new items. I will most certainly be going back to check out next time we get to the markets because I have already mentally shopped for my next items 🙂
Now something you don’t expect to see at the markets is lots of half-naked ladies being covered in paint but that’s just what we found yesterday as well as a part of the Australian Body Art Carnival. Some of the work was stunning and some of the girls incredibly graceful like the one below in blue. As you can imagine there was a lot of men interested in this but the girls mostly all seemed very confident and the artists professional. Would have loved to of stuck around and seen the completed works but a certain sister was worried she may have a ticket for parking where she had (she didn’t)
I just had to capture this on the way back to the car! The light was perfect and it just conveyed what a bright and great day we had had. Would love some of these flags around our place.
Stayed tuned for part 2 tomorrow and also some extra special shots I got this afternoon when we finally got home! Perfect light combined with prettiness = happy Liz
Now its time to curl up in bed with The Husband and watch a movie (more than likely fall asleep half way through)

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