Through the pain…

There is hope πŸ™‚

So tonight I did my first ever boot camp and dear lord can someone shoot me now please?
Was terrified before we got there and most of the day with worries about all the skinny mini’s that would probably be there and how I would have no hope at all of being able to keep up and may possibly have to write up my will before starting!

Well I actually surprised myself and did many things I thought that there was no possible way of doing (like jogging!) and kept up AND did really well (well I think so anyways)

Now before Thursday night (I think thats when but were told during near death so may be wrong) I need to have three goals written down that I need/want to achieve. One if obvious, I need to get to 90kg so that I can start the fertility treatment completely and fingers crossed maybe have the baby that I dream about constantly. I dont know what the other 2 are through.

What would be 2 other goals that I should include?

Am actually looking forward to doing it all again on Thursday however there is no way that I am looking forward to the pain I will be in the next few days.
Might even try and get up a bit early tomorrow and do a mini workout on the wii.

Should drag my sore arse to bed now and pray that I can move in the morning πŸ™‚ Oh and does anyone have any ideas on keeping the pain at bay other than cutting off the affected limbs?


5 thoughts on “Through the pain…

  1. Good for you Liz. I know you were stressed through the day, right up to leaving work. I’m sure it helped to have Lee-Ann there going through it all as well. That’s the sign of a good friendship.

    Yes, you’ll be sore…but it’ll get better as you ease into it. Take it easy on yourself stress-wise and this will all be so much easier.


  2. You are amazing.. I’m so proud of you Diz.. If your heading to the gym this afternoon which I think would be a good idea because you need “Active Recovery”, it’s going to hurt but you need to stretch it out, walk, row, even if you stretch all day at work.. Have a bath with epson salt.. This is what my trainer Anna tells me after every session..
    Keep up the awesome job..xoxox

  3. Good on you for taking the first step Liz! I also recommend Epsom salt baths πŸ™‚

  4. One of my goals is to be able to got to a regular clothes store be able to choose something off the rack and be able to fit it nicely!!!

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