Organisation for the time poor…

The Husband and I on most days are out of the house before 7am and dont get home until at least 7pm. On Thursdays if The Husband is working late then we dont make it home before 9:30pm.
So this makes for a long day and the last thing we want to do on our down time is housework.
A little while ago I had painted my large corkboard to be used as a roster board for us because presently we are not getting things done and I have found out that I work best with things written down.

So this is what The Husband will find when he gets home tonight (dont worry he is aware that I was doing this lol)

It may look a bit juvenile or ridiculous but I have high hopes that this will help us to set a routine and if this does help I really dont care how it looks 🙂

I have attempted to make its just small tasks each day to at least get a handle on the house and not make it feel like we are slogging away each day after we have already spent so much time working, travelling or just waiting.

Oh one thing The Husband doesnt know about the roster board yet though is that he will be doing some cooking/meal planning and then I will also be doing some washing up. Shock Horror!!!

So how do you keep on top of your house work? Would love to hear how others do it.


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