Loving Sundays.

I talk about The Husband a fair bit in here so this post is for him.
We met just over 5 years ago now when I was struggling with illness.
Like many people I know I actually met him via the internet, and pretty much from the day we met he moved right in.
Over these years at most we have spent only 2 nights apart at a time (which is crazy apparently) and generally thats when I have been in hospital.

One of our earliest photos together.

Within a fairly short amount of time we were engaged but not until a fair bit later did we make it official as it was so quick.

Between engagement and wedding we moved from suburban Brisbane to rural Mount Mee. It was hard and far from our families but we were becoming our own little family and its one of the few things we agreed on đŸ™‚

Our wedding day. 28th August 2008

There have been many adventures since we met and there will be many more.

He will hate me for showing this one đŸ™‚

He doesnt mind the odd cocktail.

He is a big kid which is why he gets on with my brother so well.

He makes me laugh, cry, annoys the shit out of me, loves me, and most of the time understands me.
Can not see my life without him in it.


4 thoughts on “Loving Sundays.

  1. Great to know some more about you and “the Husband”.
    The internet has brought many together. I have first-hand experience with that myself. I’ll tell you the story sometime…you’ll need a cut lunch and lots of time…it’s a great story (I think so, anyway).
    Glad you posted tonight Liz.

  2. Thank you my beautiful wife for this, has made my day. I love you so much and we will have many more adventures as the years go by.

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