Lost sight…

I really dont know anymore what my blog is.
What its about.
If its even really interesting.
My life isnt interesting.
I dont feel like I have a great passion.

Feeling a bit lost.


4 thoughts on “Lost sight…

  1. Lizzie I was reading the paper yesterday and in the magazine supplement there was an article about a lady that did a project called 365 gratitude. Where every day over one year she took a photo and accompanied it with a few sentences about what the image was or how it made her grateful. It made her start focussing on the things that happen every day that make us happy. Maybe you could turn your blog into something like that. T.

  2. I for one enjoy what you write about and of course, the photos are of interest.

    But I do understand…my blog has suffered for some time; I have stuff I want to write about, but just can’t seem to get it out there. In a way, the frequency with which you post has been pushing me closer to starting again.

    I like that idea about the 365 gratitude.

    Whatever you do Liz, don’t stop. Your posts are refreshing, and I’ve learned a lot about you from them. All good I might add. 🙂

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