Recently while trawling ebay I came across something that reminded me of my Gran (dads mum)
It was an ugly vinyl round footstool but I had to have it. Thankfully it only cost me $8.50 and they were local to us.

Today before going outside I was putting on some sunscreen and the smell gave me another memory of Gran and all our trips to the beach.
Occasionally I will buy Golden Circle Orange and Mango cordial to have another memory about her as well since every glass makes me think of her.

We used to hate having to go there for our week each year but thinking back now I dont know why we did.
We had games to play in the sun room.
She had a brilliant view of the ocean and we could look out for ships going past.
She would take us to see movies and I still remember being embarrassed seeing Father of the Bride when I was ten because of some kissing scene or something or other.
She would take us to the Beach at the end of the road and we spent so many hours there.
Watching her do her needle work and doing our own.

I am glad I have these memories and just wish I remembered more.


2 thoughts on “Memories…

  1. Great memories Liz. I recall my parents had similar footstools — hadn’t thought about them in years. But remember the decor of our home in Toowoomba, the stools matched the vinyl lounge — that would have been in the 60’s & 70’s, the years of my growing up. Thanks for reviving some of my memories, and sharing your own. This is what I love about blogs — the ability to look into someone’s life, at their invitation.

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