I have a confession…

I have a favourite fur child to photograph. Thats right I play favourites.
I love all of my fur and feather kids equally but when it comes to photos at the moment its Thomas who leads the way in the love stakes.
Oscar and Matilda need far more practice (or is it me that does?)
Joey is just manic and its a rare moment that I can get him to sit still properly for me so that I can take a nice pic of him.
So its poor Thomas that has to deal with having his privacy invaded, having a lens in his face and having to look at me when I whistle or click my fingers.

But then he also has to deal with me putting dodgy photos of him on the internets for the world to see.

I think that next weekend I shall try and get The Husband to take me and the boys for a drive so that we can get some pics where we dont have our outdoor chairs as the backgrounds.


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