A little bit of this, and a little bit of that.

So I am a serial project starter. I am not however a project finisher!
However I love having lots of things on the go because that way I can always go to something and all moods are covered đŸ™‚
Last weekend I started my first quilt (YAY)

Quite some time ago now I started a stitchery kit which I loved but now all I have left is the white and today I was not in the mood to be playing with white threads.

So instead today I started a new stitchery kit that I bought at the same time as the previous one (which I have worked out was about 2 years ago)
I nearly gave up half way through tracing the design onto the calico but I made myself keep going mainly because I couldnt move anything due to not being able to line the paper up again if I did.

So what else have I got on the go at the moment?
* A crochet blanket for my dad
* Dining chairs need to be finished (painting and one more needs to be covered)
* Pin board needs a bit more paint finishing
* So so many mending jobs to get done (if only I was paid for these then they would get done)
* Can I include letters in here as well?

There is more but right now I can not think of what they are (may be because of the gin)

Oh and speaking of letters I need people to write to! I have decided instead of wasting my waiting around time I WILL get some letters written but just dont know where to start.

Right now I have to dash because The Husband is home and its almost dinner time (and its time for another gin)


2 thoughts on “A little bit of this, and a little bit of that.

  1. you will end up like me with 100 UFO’s on the go and a cranky hubby! LOL Love the stitching Liz way to go girl xxxxx

  2. Ooooh! I love, love all your crafty stuff! Point me in the direction of where I can buy good latchhooking, please! xx

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