Doing our bit for the environment, and our bank balance.

Up here in QLD (unsure about the rest of Aus) there is a government initiative called Climate Smart where they claim that they can help you save up to $325 a year on your power bill! Now when I heard that I was interested and then reading up on it it seemed like a great idea. A representative comes into your home and gives you up to 15 enegery efficient light bulbs, a water saving shower head (if needed) and also a wireless power monitor so you can track your usage and costs!

Thats our wireless monitor telling me how much we are being charged which is actually really interesting. That rate is for the standard fridges, tv, laptop, fish tank pump and random small bits, however I cooked some lunch before and the second I put the stove on it jumped to over 40cents per hour so will be interesting tonight when I start cooking and we have lights on etc

There has not been much else going on in the WB household lately. The husband and I (well I know I am) are hanging out for next weekend when he and I both have 2 days off together which tends to only happen once a month. Oh and I am also still counting down the days and the kilos until the next fertility appointment which I am surprisingly feeling positive about and determined as well. At some point in the near future I do however need to find a decent doctor since stupid me forgot to ask specialist for a prescription. Do you know how difficult it is to find a doctor in this area? Of course we have none on the mountain but down near my work its all over crowded medical centres with doctors you can not understand and do not give you that must trust in their ability.

Right now I think its time to claim the husband from his computer and decide on which movie we should watch and try and not think about the fact that one day of the weekend is almost over.

Should be back tomorrow (or tonight if we cant decide on a movie) with an etsy love.


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