Happy Exchange… Giveaway!

Was having a random browse on etsy the other day and in my travels I came across some really adorable prints. Then I noticed that they were priced incredibly low and at first thought they were just ACEO’s but on closer inspection… no they were a nice useable size but there was something else.
The artist and seller Jillian was giving away her artwork with the cost only being for postage. The first line of her store profile reads “A Happy Exchange was born out of a desire to share my art with whoever may connect with it. The joy I feel when doing so is payment enough for me.”

After a very small hunt I found my way to Jillians blog which in itself is lovely but its also let me find her other etsy store where she also makes dolls of her drawings with her sister.

I am trying to work out how I can sneak one of these dolls into a purchase in the future… may have to wait a short while since I have a heap of parcels on the way shortly due to an etsy shopping session last night.

Oh so which prints did I get from this wonderful person…

I already have a few people I would like to give these to but I also have a special for my blog readers.

To bring me happiness I would like to send one to a lucky blog reader but to get this you of course need to post a comment but in the comment I would like for you to tell me what you will do to bring you happiness?

This will be left open for as long as it takes for these lovely pieces to make it here from Jillian.


8 thoughts on “Happy Exchange… Giveaway!

  1. Beautiful!
    To bring myself happiness I will find time once a week to just stop and enjoy. Tomorrow I will start with a trip to the beach for fish and chips.

  2. Oh dear, a new store to add to the favourites list!

    To bring me happiness this year I have resolved to spend more time with friends. It’s too easy to let life get in the way.

  3. Oh wow, love those prints..too cute! I am going to start worrying less about the future and start enjoying the now more. Always thinking about tomorrow has to stop! xxx

  4. These are gorgeous Liz!

    I find happiness by locking myself away, putting on some random music & singing along.

  5. So cute!! The prints are gorgeous and the dolls are beautiful!

    To bring myself happiness I am going to find more time for my crafting and puppies. Time has been getting away from me lately.

  6. Lovely prints!

    To bring me happiness, I am trying to stop worrying so much about things I can’t control and focus more on the joy I already have in my life.

  7. Gosh these are gorgeous! I made a few of these dolls for the girls for Christmas. You find the nicest stuff on etsy!

  8. Oh I should enter too ha ha.

    To bring myself happiness, this year I plan on taking more time out for myself and to stop being my own worst enemy and trying to do everything. I want to take up cooking lessons in Singapore and take the time to cook delicious asian inspired meals for my family. x

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