Dream a Dream

Do you ever just sometimes wish you could pack up your life and move somewhere away from everything and everyone?
I have that right now.
Now you may be wondering how I could want to move away from the beautiful place that I do live in but the answer to that is I really dont have one answer.
We would love to be able to buy our own place but really would not know where to start on that and really anything we could afford would be far from what we would want.
So right now while having the smell of a nice warm stew wafting out from the kitchen I am dreaming about moving to a Tassie or somewhere equally green and hidden away, something that was ours.

So some pictures of my dreams…
Make note that none of these things would match together but just imagine if it did lol

Was thinking a house like this

This kitchen

A nice big pantry where I can store all the produce we would grow ourselves

I have always wanted a private outdoor bathroom

Craft rooms I have 2 choices…
Do I go bright and colourful?

Or calm and natural?

For our baby when we are blessed…

And then of course will need a kids room

Have just realised that I have not got a dream bedroom or lounge, might have to look into that for another post.

So what is your dream at the moment?


2 thoughts on “Dream a Dream

  1. Interesting…the examples of your ideal home brought back memories of the little cabin my wife and I lived in, in Morgantown, West Virginia, when I first moved to the USA. Not on the same scale as what you are seeking, but I think you would have liked it. Sadly, it’s since been knocked down by developers (in search of the almighty $). It was quite traumatic having to move when the owners sold out to big business.

    So my dream would be to go back and live there now…it was in a forest in the mountains above the town (part of the Appalachian Mountains). Made from western red cedar siding, with a shingled roof. A framed, slate floor in the dining and kitchen, polished timber in the lounge and study. Bookcases full of my wife’s academic books, intermingled some of the ones I brought with me from Australia.

    Upstairs was reached by climbing a small staircase, almost like climbing a ladder (oh to be fit enough for that now). The bathroom had an old claw-footed tub, as well as a sauna. Large skylights gave an expansive view of the maple and fir trees that the area is known for.

    The bedroom was almost like it was on a branch…the smell of pine needles was ever present. Many a pleasant time was spent, especially in the winter when the snow settled on the trees.

    In winter the small pot belly stove helped the furnace keep us warm. In addition, Lou Lou the basset hound climbed on to the couch and kept us toasty.

    It was a wonderful place in which to live…and that is my dream…to re-live it. Not to be, but dreams sometimes keep us going.

  2. I adore everything you just picked out for your dream home! They would be very similar to what I would have picked. Mostly I share your wish of living somewhere that is our own. Somewhere deep in the woods or nestled between a hillside. Somewhere green and lush.

    Keep those dreams alive, you just never know what might be listening and working on your behalf right this minute =).

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