Another Year Older

So this last Thursday my 30th came and went in a flash.
The weekend before was my big party and Thursday was my quiet day with the Husband.

This cake is the replacement one 🙂 My sister did almost have my cake made and then it collapsed! She was so devastated but I was so grateful that she tried and just happy to have her there.

So onto my quiet day with the Husband.
Our initial plans needed to be changed because the cafe we wanted to go for breakfast would not be open that day. Instead the Husband found Chantilly Blue at Kilcoy and my god am I thankful that he did. The food was scrumptious and the setting on the veranda was perfect. Oh and the little truffle ball with a candle in it was simply wonderful as all hubby did was casually mention that it was my birthday when they asked what we were up to that day. For $30 we had a massive breakfast along with our drinks which would keep us very full for the whole day.
If you venture out into that part of the world be sure to pop in because you will not be disappointed.

Oh and I should introduce my travelling companion and partner in life… The Husband…

So after breakfast we were on the road to Kingaroy with the first stop being Pottique Lavender Farm which is one of my favourite places to visit because I can always find something beautiful and I may have a small lavender obsession (helps me sleep) I love walking in to be hit by all the different smells and then carefully checking each section for wonderful treasures, feeling fabrics, playing with toys and even some wine tasting.

After our potter around Pottique we were back on the road to Kingaroy. First stop in town was a quick one for me to drop in on a friend I know through work, second stop was to Taste South Burnett
We stopped in at Taste last year when we did our big wine tasting trip of the area and found that they do some wonderful cheeses and even better fudge. This time we left with a Bunya Black Ash cheese, a honey kabana and a trio of fudges (Bounty, Raspberry swirl and Strawberry and Cream)

We continued on to 2 of our favourite wineries (well one is mine and one is the Husbands) My favourite was first up was Crane Winery, set up on a hill with a gorgeous cellar door and a very friendly dog (Dylan) to greet us for some pats and maybe a cuddle 🙂

As usual the wines were delish at Crane and we bought a bottle each and this time we also picked up a bottle of the Caramelised White Vinegar which I advise everyone to try (we had this simply with some turkish bread for dinner last night)

Next stop was to The Captains Paddock winery were we picked up a bottle of rose and I had a chance to stop and enjoy the more simple things in life.

After a quick stop at the info centre for some maps and a tonne more touring guides foor future trips we made the drive out to the Bunya Mountains. If only the day had not gotten away on us because we had planned to have a picnic lunch there but having arrived at around 3:30 we stopped for a photo or two and went in search of a swimming hole we had heard about (keeping that one a secret for the moment as its a beautiful place) If you have not been to the Bunya Mountains you should. The place is stunning with all of its beautiful holiday houses (umm really cheap so will be back for a stay) and wallabies everywhere. And then there is the view…

It was such a wonderful day and would only wish that it did not go so quickly.

So now we move onwards and upwards… What will my thirties bring.


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