A day alone.

So while getting through a tonne of movies, drinking gin and tonics (new fav drink of choice) and having cuddles with the boys I have done a few productive things.

I havent picked up a paintbrush or a tube of paint in so long and today I realised that my giant pin board needed some colour. Its not my best work by far but its better than the dreary cork colour that it was thats for sure.

Will fit in wonderfully in my craft room.

Speaking of craft room I have finally been putting some things on the walls. Picked up some wonderful cheap artwork from Loot, a friend got me a wall vinyl from a cheap store a while ago and also managed to hang the photo frame I was given for my birthday.

I really need to start hunting around for some second hand storage of shelves and other units for the room. Really want something to run along below the window.

While pottering around the craft room I managed to find some of my origami paper and even remembered how to fold a crane.
I have an idea of making a crane mobile to hang from the hooks that are already in the ceiling of the room.

As the sun started to set it was a lovely time to be sitting outside with my drink. Would have only been better if The Husband had been with me.

Will be back soon (OMG yes that will be 4 posts in the one day I must be sick or you will be sick of me)
Have an idea to try and get to know who reads my blog because I have had over 60 hits today from different places and would love to know who you all are.


5 thoughts on “A day alone.

  1. You cant see them but there were a dozen young cows in that paddock this afternoon as well. Its strange but a very relaxing noise listening to them eat while I work in there.

  2. Great photos Liz. I know people say to me that I live in paradise (Bribie), and it is beautiful…but the shot of the countryside in this post alone just makes me want to come and sit out under the stars up there. Reminds me in some ways of the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia, where I lived for a few years.

    I’m a relative newcomer to your blog, and I love what you write. Who would have known this about you?

    You do know who I am, right? 🙂

  3. I would love to of travelled like you have Kim (yes I do know who you are lol)
    If I wasnt home alone I would be sitting outside right now taking in the night air and watching out for shooting stars and making wishes that I didnt have to go back to work on Monday lol
    Glad you like the blog… I am a girl of many hidden talents and a wealth of useless information lol

  4. Liz, you have plenty of years ahead of you — travel doesn’t have to be done in any specific order…and a journey comes in many shapes and sizes.

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