Etsy Love – Green with envy

I have been meaning to do an Etsy Love for some time now but just not had the chance to collate all my loves and also get on and blog at the same time.
Am still loving the colour green in almost all of its forms at the moment so today thats what my Etsy Love is dedicated to.

Phoebes Treasure has some very pretty wire wrapped jewellery and other bits and pieces but I am very much taken with this green ring.

I think I may have featured Sabai Smile on here before because I think their purses are simply devine. Love the contrasting fabrics and am just itching to buy something from them.

Our new office at work has card access and I am on the lookout for a cute one. This adorable green giraffe from Badge Reels is on the top of the list so far.

If you are love all things sweet and nature inspired you will love Which Goose. This headband is on the wishlist for me along with so many other things as well.

So what do you want to be the next Etsy Love?


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