Excitement building…

So ummm yeah 3 more sleeps till my 30th birthday party πŸ™‚
Yet still at the age of 29 I am still as much a procrastinator as I ever was and have so much to still get done with no motivation to do it.
I want to get in and get the decorating done and start cooking, I dont want to be cleaning and scrubbing and doing boring things… its my birthday goddamn it!!!
Ok so tanty out of the way πŸ™‚

Had a brainwave yesterday (yes that is odd)
Little brother (bubba) was down from Gladstone at a school camp not far from here. Today was the last day and they were heading to Australia Zoo so why dont we pick him up??? This brilliant idea means that we get to spend some time with him which is very rare, saves him having to go back to Gladstone in a bus then back here the next day and now we have another pair of hands (still not sure if thats a good thing yet)
Seems school camps are very exhuasting.

Have been busy photo taking of late as well.

Am on the hunt for some classes for the near future to really get to know my camera better.

As some practice though I need your help… Give me some challenge ideas!

Love You…
Love Me…


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