Party Plans!

I am getting very excited about my birthday… which for me is really strange for me but I think that it is because I have such big plans this year.
* The invites have been printed and just waiting for the magnets to arrive so that they can be sent and handed out.
* Have some balloons on the way from the states *squee* very pretty ones at that!

* My wonderful sister is working on making my cake for me which I cant wait to see. Some inspiration pics I gave her though were…

I think I just love these because of the adorable casings.

So pretty and fresh looking. Plus I love the colour green 🙂

And then these ones because they are just so freaking cute!

* I have ideas for the lighting since it will be during the night and for that of course I would like fairy lights but also I have found the perfect use for the 20billion tealight candles I have around the place.

So now I just have to sort out the food and other ways of decorating the garage/yard which I am thinking some cheap curtains draped around the place.

Any other ideas my bloggy readers?

Whats your fav BBQ foods?

YAY for a party!!!


One thought on “Party Plans!

  1. WOW! I have never seen balloons like that before. They are awesome! I also love the tea light candles… very pretty 🙂

    Fav BBQ food? Hmm. Growing up I would have to say potato bake. I’m a sucker for it. Don’t know why.. I just am!

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