Random Weekend Photos

Bit of a blah post tonight since I am tired and the weekend did not go as planned thanks to the horrible weather.

So just some random photos from the week that was.

Our car clicked over to 400,000km this week. There is a photo of the roll over but hubby got that on his mobile instead of the camera. Poor car needs a holiday I think.

As usual we had Sushi Night on Friday which was followed by a desert at Milko’s that we go past on the way home. If you live in Brisbane and have not been there you must pop in for a yummy cupcake and an amazing milk shake… can highly recommend the lavender milkshakes!

Noosa visit was on this weekend and the Sister insisted that I have a burger from Eat Me for my breakfast… well she wouldnt go anywhere else for me so it was that or nothing. Have to say it was a freaking good burger and even better that it was only $1.

This rain is the reason that our weekend went to poo. We should have been having a sister photo shoot with Anya Maria Photography but the rain would not go away and was to much to be a pretty in the light rain shoot with umbrellas. Also messed up plans for visit to farmers markets as well and I ended up coming home Saturday night instead of today.

The weekend ended with some fresh food prepared by me. After hunting around in the vege garden and finding not much (other than these wonderful Artichokes that are not ready yet) I made some amazing fresh pasta for the first time using my pasta maker and am trying to work out how I could make it every day!

So that was my weekend.

How was yours?


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