Daily Bread.

While I wait for my loaf and rolls to do their final rise I thought I would share some photos from this week.
Also I have decided that December will be the month where I take a photo everyday. It is going to be my way to relax since we will be starting a major new computer system at work.

So onto this past weeks photos.

A little bit of beauty to brighten my days at work. My amazing Jude the Obscure rose finally flowered this week and boy does he also smell amazing as well.

We have a new baby in the paddock around our place. Such a little beauty but also a problem child since they can get out of all the fences and goes for a visit with the big boys across the road.

Take a guess šŸ™‚

Sunday breakfast at the Ocean View Estate Winery. Was meant to be Birches but they were closed but we were very happy with the alternate. Was very lovely sitting on the back deck.

Farmhouse breakfast.... YUM absolutly delish chutney to accompany the perfect food.

We are beyond lucky to be living here.


One thought on “Daily Bread.

  1. wow to the cows!
    i always dream of having a pet cow and duck
    and not too much if I want too a place like that..
    yes, the one you are lucky to have.
    more blessings!

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