It’s an Etsy Christmas – Stocking Stuffers


I am back with some more ideas after having a lovely relaxing day today reading and just appreciating the beauty around me.

Once again everything is under $20 and click the photo to be taken to the store.

Have to say that I never really liked the sock monkeys but CQQC has some really cute sock toys. Wish my brother wasnt to old for these now because he would have had one of these for sure.

Bless Satin and Birch for thie amazing soaps. Love these so much but would not be able to bring myself to use them. Perfect for the MIL's or grandma I think.

Everyone needs a calendar so why not a pretty one. Erin Carver has some beautiful inspiration artworks in her store as well but the calendars are very special.

Another store for the technos. Such adorable covers for iphones and kindles. Nimoo has found some really cute fabrics and add to that free postage... its a winner!

Bento boxes are just perfect for school or work lunches. If you have not seen these before you must check it out. Ojami has some great ones.

Hope some of these have helped with the christmas gift inspirations.
My cart is certainly a bit full right now 🙂


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