Another Quiet Sunday.

As normal the husband is at work today which left me to just chill in peace and quiet, well peace and quiet when 2 monster dogs are not barking at everything.
So we know how I mentioned that I was looking into Jenny Craig… Well I am to hard for them lol Which really is a good thing considering the costs! A good thing though is that the husband an I have now joined a gym which I can not wait to start (opens 13th of Nov) Hopefully some friends are planning on joining as well which will be great as well since the more motivation the better.
Another good thing is that I have started my new drugs that will hopefully not give me constant nausea as well. Down side is that I just had to spend $70ish buying said medications which does not sit well with me since if I had a health care card they would be next to nothing. But I wont get into my rant about that since I probably wouldnt stop.

Its been a nice day on the mountain today though. Perfect weather to be out and about but was just as good sitting on my verandah with a glass of wine and my book.
I was productive today though… well sort of.
About 2 weeks ago I found an adorable wall decal at Target and today finally got around to putting it up on the wall in our spare room. Didnt realise how big it was going to be so was very surprised to see that it is HUGE but it really works in the space.

I still have another one to put up in my craft room which is a bird cage and some birds plus have my quotes still to put up in our bedroom and also the spare room (I think the spare room not sure now since the tree is huge)

So thats been my weekend and its almost Monday so I hope everyone has a good week!
Bring on Friday 🙂


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